The Xaverian Missionary Vocation

The Xaverian Missionary Vocation


“The missionary,” wrote Saint Conforti, “is the finest and most splendid example of the ideal life. In spirit, the missionary has contemplated Jesus Christ commissioning the apostles to conquer the world, not by weapons but by persuasion and love; and the missionary has been captivated by this encounter with Christ. For this ideal cause, the missionary gives up family, homeland, all that he treasures as his very own.”

To become a Xaverian Missionary, you need to be a Roman Catholic, 18 to 35 years of age, and have at least the minimum UK university admission qualifications. You should be motivated by a sincere desire to give yourself to God in a community exclusively dedicated to foreign mission activity.

“The missionary has been captivated by the encounter with Christ.”
Saint Guido Maria Conforti

Xaverian Missionary Priesthood


A Xaverian Priest is a man called by God and sent by the church to bring the people closer to God. Enabled by Christ’s power in the sacrament of Holy Orders, the priest gathers a community by proclaiming God’s Word, teaching the values of the Gospel, providing guidance and leadership to his people, and celebrating with them the Sacraments, especially the Eucharist.

In his service, the priest will always be adapting to new circumstances, meeting new challenges, getting to know new people. In doing this, he will find happiness and fulfillment by touching the lives of people, and even changing their course in life. A priest is called to be a constant gift to the community, a sign of unity, a witness and a person who is in touch with God and the needs of the community.

A missionary priest is called to be a constant gift to the community, a sign of unity, a witness and a person who is in touch with God.


After his College Diploma, the training for a candidate to the Xaverian missionary priesthood entails up to one year for the Pre-Novitiate program, a one-year for the Novitiate, at least four years of Theological studies outside of the United States, with an optional mission experience. After the completion of College, the whole period of formation and training of candidates to the Xaverian priesthood lasts from six to eight years. Optional times are available to visit for extended periods of time.

“A PRIEST IS… a servant of God’s people, living and working in a community for mutual support.”

Xaverian Missionary Brother

A Xaverian Brother is a full member of the same community, who shares the same ideals, responsibilities and the same mission.

Brothers carry out their ministry in a special way, for they can be found doing virtually every ministry Christians perform. Yet, it’s not so much what they do, but how they live that makes them special.

“The missionary brother is a man of prayer… but it’s not so much what he does, but how he lives his call.”


While a candidate can join the Xaverian formation process with a High School Diploma, brotherhood requires a Bachelor’s Degree or some other technical/vocational or professional training. Also, a brother will spend a year for the Pre-Novitiate stage, a one-year in Novitiate, and some basic Theology studies together with cross-cultural experiences. There is also an optional two-year mission experience during this period. The training depends a lot on the interests of the individual and is planned together with the formation team.

“A BROTHER IS… committed to religious overseas missionary life through the vows, and to living in community.”